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Arts In The Plaza

Celebrates art and craft booths and music presentations in Kennedy Plaza

Beyond the Dunes   

Celebrates a month of concerts, presentations, and activities

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 Over the last TWENTY years, AIP has been involved in many arts projects and festivals and partnered with other groups to create a rich cultural arts environment, serving its mission of "EMPOWERING ARTISTS......ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY".

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Cabaret Festivals

Celebrate the Great American Songbook as professional cabaret artists are in conversation and perform their shows


Barrier Beach Blues & Arts Festivals

Celebrate Blues music concerts along with themed artwork

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Folk2Funk Festivals

Celebrate New Age music concerts


"Roots" Music Project

Celebrate Americana roots music with bands and individual concerts

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Kickin' Country Festivals

Celebrate Country music with bands and individual concerts


Women In The Arts

Recognizes women and their contributions to the arts in individual, communal, healing, business categories

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Visual Exhibits

Highlight artists’ themed works in the library


Literary Presentations

Offer original plays, poetry, and theatre events

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"Share your Art" Networking

Allows for literary, visual, and performing artists to demonstrate their work


Conversations on the Arts

Engages many voices in discussion on various topics of interest

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Children's programming

Offers special craft activities and creative projects


Training and Education

Reaches out with mentorships and internships

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"Voices of Hope" (9/11) Presentations

Remembering the sacrifices of people's lives made that day through art, music, and literary performances


SocialCinema Festivals

Project short films dedicated to social issues with discussion


Long Island ArtsFest

Celebrates a weeklong collaborative series of visual, literary, and performing arts programs and workshops


Workshops/Master Classes

Professional business, networking, and training events

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Gallery Walks

Utilize restaurants and business establishments to highlight artists’ works


Twilight Arts Concerts

Presented in Kennedy Plaza outdoors with orchestra & special performances


Local Dance Demonstrations

Partner with local dance schools in community presentations


Fiscal Sponsorships

Allow for individual artists and/or business entities to share their projects with AIP and realize the tax deductions for donations


Talent Directory

Allows for AIP partners to share their website and promotions with the larger public


Online Store

Allows members to sell their work online

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Merchants Directory

Lists business enterprises that offer discounts to AIP partners


Email ARTS News


Promote special events


Quarterly Newsletter

Presents articles, updates, events, policies


Volunteer Initiatives

Opportunities to intern and learn while assisting AIP in various projects


Youth Arts Innovators

Allow for youth representation on planning committees